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John C. Wolf, founder of Wolf Corporation, has spent more than three decades building high-end custom homes and restoring humble adobes. With the unbeatable combination of hard earned knowledge of construction techniques and unfailing professionalism, he has become one of the most respected custom builders in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, area.

Utilizing their engineering and technical knowledge, Wolf Corporation has naturally worked on many successful contemporary architecture projects. “When working with glass, steel and concrete, you must understand the expansion and contraction of the materials or that construction is bound to fail,” Wolf explains. “You can’t just build it according to the architect’s plans; you must be aware of the predictable, minute characteristics of the materials.

When it comes to your custom building needs, Wolf Corporation is dedicated to providing you excellence in Santa Fe, NM. We offer services for both residential and commercial clients. We can handle any job from hanging a door, small additions and remodels to custom-built homes and high profile commercial buildings.

For clients who aren’t quite sure where to start, we can help design your kitchen, bedroom, basement, or laundry room or direct you to reliable designers, engineers, and architects.

Contemporary Glass House

Sangre De Cristo

Georgia O’Keeffe

If you are in the process of building a new home or managing the construction of a commercial building, don’t hesitate to call Wolf Corporation in Santa Fe, NM today.